The studio ARC restauro s.a.r.l. specializes in the conservation and restoration of polychrome wood sculptures and easel paintings.

ARC restauro was founded in 1990 by Nadia Bertoni and Stéphane Cren. After working twenty years in Italy, it is now established in South Burgundy, near Cluny. There, the company owns a studio which is equipped and safe for the treatments of sculptures and paintings. The restorations of altarpieces and panelling are organised in situ.

Services are offered to persons in charge or owners of pieces and cultural properties: local authorities, National Trust, Museums, collectors.

The works completed comply with the ethical code expressed in the Copenhagen Charter in 1984 and to the professional rules of E.C.C.O (European Confederation of Conservators-Restorers' Organisations).

Our mission is offering quality services to help the conservation and promotion of pieces according to the norms of professional practices, while trying to understand your specific needs.